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Listnr is a small IoT device developed from the concept of “emotions become colors”. Equipped with Wireless LAN connectivity and a microphone, Listnr collects sounds and uploads them to the cloud for analysis in real time.

Listnr can detect a wide variety of sounds and can be used as a device to send various commands to other devices and apps as a result of sound detection. The default voice recognition and analysis engine used by Listnr was developed in collaboration with Panasonic.

Connect to the voice recognition engine co-developed with Panasonic

The baby voice recognition engine co-developed with Panasonic is able to differentiate four different categories of sound - Crying/Growling/Laughing/Babbling, from only five seconds of listening.

Recognition results, the emotions in the sounds, are displayed in different colors using Listnr’s body LEDs and in the smartphone application. The combination of Listnr and smartphone application enables a family to check their baby’s emotions and voice by means of letters and icons.

Sound visualized using illumination and the Listnr app

The Listnr app and device can visualize detected sounds with colours and illumination, both work together to provide feedback in real-time. The fixed point observation mode lets you monitor a specific location for an extended period of time.

Using Listnr’s open API developers will be able to create unlimited possibilities and new areas of use with Listnr as a fixed spot Wi-Fi microphone.

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Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz only)
App Android 4.4+ / iOS8.4+
Power 2x AA Batteries or micro USB charge (AC adapter not included)
Body size W123.5 x D96.5 x H76.5mm
Weight approx.190g

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